About us

Hoora TV
Ethical Family Entertainment

Hoora TV is an exclusive Ethical Family Entertainment Channel primarily targeted for Children and concerned Parents. The channel is licensed from PEMRA and broadcasted on Satellite, Cable and Digital Media


Nurturing innate abilities and potential inside children to foster them as righteous and virtuous social human beings.


Reformation and transformation of content media into a safe, pure , educating entity which every member of family can use without any reluctance, hesitation and shame thus preparing children for the future of nation.


We classify our content suitable for only concerned parents. They are those parents who are concerned about at least one of below when their children watch content:


Children not watching any immoral and indecent content


Children not developing any unethical behaviour and habits


Children are learning and getting trained through the content they are watching

Parents who want their children to always watch safe content whereby they are relaxed and not concerned to observe what their children are watching.

What is Ethical Entertainment?

Children are immature and they always like to be entertained instead of direct education and training. Entertainment can cross limits by which it can become significantly harmful for character development of children as what they watch at younger age develops an impression in their minds and hearts that stays forever.

Safe Content

The safe content presented on our channel is placed with an ethical framework which ensures:

  • Content free from romance and lust
  • No indecent and immodest attire or visuals (Live action program hosts adhere to Islamic limits of dress code)
  • Use of vulgar, slang language is avoided
  • Violence psychologically considered as harmful for children is not presented
  • Unethical behavior is either not presented or demonstrated for educating children about vices
  • Fiction is avoided or presented to the extent not harmful for children and does not confuses, distances them from realities.
  • Sect Agnostic content

Education and Upbringing

We believe that children content should use entertainment as means for education and upbringing of children, hence most of our content has elements of education, training, development for children which can be explicit but in most cases in subliminal manner. Our content in general would help your children in:

  • Education on world realities
  • Development of human values, ethics in children for transforming them into righteous human being serving humanity and nation in the best possible way. Value and ethics presented a primarily derived from Holy Quran and teachings, character of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s)
  • Training on essential Soft skills required by every child for nurture the hidden potential and abilities.
  • Building unity, spirit of teamwork in growing up as society serving the nation
  • Fostering spirit of patriotism, loyalty towards nation and strengthening faith and religious culture
  • Fiction is avoided or presented to the extent not harmful for children and does not confuses, distances them from realities.
  • Character and personality development

The name "Hoora"

Primary mission behind development of an Ethical Entertainment channel was to provide freedom to children from immorality present in Content. Hoora originates from the word "Hurriyat" which in Arabic means freedom primarily from slavery. We aim to present content which does not enslaves children towards something harmful and instead gives them the power and freedom to think , research, ponder over facts of life. Hoora TV title conveys a message of safety, freedom , emancipation for children which broadens their thinking and realistic approach to life.

Target Group/Audience

Hoora TV is primarily targeted for children but at the same time provides effective content for parental training. Our content is structured as below

Toddlers: Morning hours when children are off to school, concerned Mama's can tune Hoora TV for their toddlers at home who can watch decent and learning content which even prepares them for school at home.

Kids: From afternoon to late evening 8 PM we present content targeted for Kids aged between 5 to 11 years.

Teens: From 8 pm to 10 pm we have content that is targeted for teenagers which are primarily safe, ethical movies which teens, kids and parents all can watch

Parents: From 10 Pm to midnight we provide Parental education content like Talk shows, documentaries, sitcoms all aimed at preparing parents for effective upbringing of children

Is Hoora TV content Islamic?

We believe Islam is a way of living and not one part or segment of life. Islamic practices, rituals are all aimed for development of values, ethics inside human beings . Hence whatever we do in each and every affair of our lives should be within Islamic limits, granting prosperity in this world and hereafter.

All our content first of all fits withing Islamic framework but we do not provide direct teaching on Islamic practices of worship, etc. We impart Islamic values, ethics, etiquettes and train children on protecting themselves from acts, traits which Islamic considers as evil. If the objective of Islam is developvirtous human beings then Hoora TV does the same but primarily for children.

We do not represent or promote any specific sect and all our content harmonizes with Quranic principles and Character of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). Above all we promote unity, tolerance and peaceful co-existence amongst all sects and religion.