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Hoora TV
Ethical Family Entertainment

Hoora TV is Pakistan's premier kids' channel, dedicated to producing top-quality, Urdu-language content that combines entertainment with moral and ethical values. Our shows, developed with input from child psychologists and behavioral researchers, provide an enriching experience for children and families alike.


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I am very thankful to Hoora TV for providing such good material to our children, and may Allah grant you great success in your efforts.

Saira Shakir (Spiritual Trainer)

Children learn by example, through upbringing, or by watching and imitating. It is our responsibility to arrange for such displays. The work done by Hoora TV is exemplary and outstanding.

Mohsin Nawaz (Psychologist, PR Expert)

I believe that a channel that can educate children, instill moral values ​​in them, was much needed for a long time. Hoora TV has taken up this challenge and responsibility, stepping into the field of action with a sense of duty.

Dr. Tariq Sharif Zada (Scholar)

Hoora TV is working for the education and upbringing of children and their parents, providing them with healthy entertainment, and this is a significant void that this channel has filled.

Mujeeb-ul-Rahman Shami (Sr. Journalist)

Hoora TV channel outwardly appears to be a children's entertainment channel. However, in reality, it serves as the best mental nourishment for children.

Dr. Humaira Ashraf (Sr. Professor)

Hoora TV focused on children's education and upbringing, has filled a significant gap in our social and electronic media landscape. As a parent living in Australia for the past 22 years, I keenly felt the lack of suitable content for my children.

Dr. Tasawar Aslam (Surgeon, Writer)

Hoora TV in its Programing addresses various aspects of children's development, considering our environmental factors, and plays a vital role in their upbringing.

Syeda Mariam Raza (Psychologist)

I have seen Hoora TV many times and its content is undoubtedly unparalleled. It is very important for our country, for our people, that we promote this TV, reach out to people, and help spread this goodness, and everyone should help in spreading it. May Allah grant them ease and success.

Prof. Nasir Mehmood (Educationist)